Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Official Ubuntu Book 6th Edition

THE OFFICIAL UBUNTU BOOK CAPTURES both the spirit and the precision with which Ubuntu itself is crafted. Like Ubuntu, it has evolved in a steady cadence of regular releases, and this sixth edition reflects the cumulative insight gained from prior editions, as well as some of the latest innovations driving Ubuntu forward.

2011 is a critical year of change for Ubuntu, as we move towards the new, unified interface called Unity. Our goal is to deliver what people have long wished for: the world’s cleanest, most elegant desktop experience, as free software. 11.04 is the first major step in that process as we introduce Unity by default on the desktop, retaining the Classic GNOME desktop for those who cannot yet make the leap to Unity.

Our broader goal is to challenge the free software ecosystem to invest as much creativity and energy in design as it does in engineering. We know that free software can be the best in the world for performance, reliability, and security; now it’s time to bring ease-of-use and stylishness into the mix too.

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