Saturday, January 7, 2012

Inkscape 0.48 Illustrator's Cookbook

Inkscape is frequently mentioned, and lauded, as one of the best examples of open-source software available today. It is a mature, feature-full and flexible product, thanks to a very dedicated developer community. The latest version, 0.48, adds new tools, such as the Airbrush (which many have longed for), and advanced path editing, among many other additions and improvements.

Vector graphics are becoming increasingly important at the turn of this decade, now that the World Wide Web has begun its transition towards HTML5 technologies. All the major Web browsers are striving to conform to the SVG specification, as the attractiveness of scalable, high definition, three-dimensional, and Flash -free Web sites and games is irresistible. The future is bright, but the true outcome will ultimately depend on one decisive factor: user and developer adoption .

This is why a non-proprietary authoring tool such as Inkscape is important: it is a professional package for creating quality vector graphics which is freely available for everybody to use. Whether you wish to create Web site mockups, wallpapers to share with an Internet community, high-quality advertisements for the newspaper industry, digital art for a gallery exposition, or simply a Happy Birthday for your grandmother, Inkscape is available now and without limitations, to help you achieve your goal.

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